The 1759 Vought House, A Revolutionary War Loyalist Homestead is a tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 public charity. The non-profit is overseeing development of this historic gem as a museum promoting the study of life in New Jersey in the late colonial and revolutionary era.  

The house is on the National and State Registers of Historic Sites, partly due to its significant architecture and rare  "wattle and daub" style decorative plaster ceilings. The home's builder, Christopher Vought and his son John, by 1776 the family patriarch, were prominent loyalists in Hunterdon County. Their names appear a number of times in the minutes of New Jersey's Provincial Congress. (Read more on the Historic Narrative page.) 

This will be the first museum in New Jersey interpreted as a Loyalist site, recognizing the significance of the civil war that raged within New Jersey during the American Revolution.